Approved for Adoption (피부색깔=꿀색)

Approved For Adoption Poster
1:30PM SAT, 30 May 2015 at Innis Town Hall

75 min

Directed by: JUNG Henin

Genre : Animation, Documentary/Drama

Production Year: France 2012

Awards and Film Festivals: Audience Award and UNICEF Award (Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2012)



This animated biopic traces the life of its director Jung Henin from his homeless youth on the streets of Seoul to his upbringing as part of a Belgian family. He is one of 200,000 Koreans worldwide who were adopted by non-Korean families following the Korean War. Coming from “here and elsewhere”, Jung decides to make his first-ever trip back to his motherland to find consolation for the confusion in self-identity and belonging.

Programmer’s Note

With a rich soundscape and emotional score, the line of artificiality of this partially-animated film is often blurry. Viewers become fully immersed in the story of a Korean adoptee’s life in Belgium. Alternating between live footage and ingenious animation, the director Jung Henin invites the viewers into his autobiographical coming-of-age narrative. The clear contrast between the coherent causality of the film and the abstract imagery of Jung’s internal conflicts is deeply absorbing and will leave viewers with a curiously personal attachment to the delinquent boy who resolves his struggles by accepting his honey-coloured skin and its historical and cultural origins. - Hazel Kang



TKFF 2015 Festival Note

In collaboration with Rainbow World and Korean Canadian Children’s Association (KCCA), Korean adoptees and their families will be in attendance to share their personal experiences to the audience. There will also be a segment exploring the academic aspect of overseas adoptees and the recent trend of returns to the motherland.


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