DAY 1: TUE May 26 | 7:00PM

Opening Night Feature Presentation

Socialphobia (소셜포비아)

102 min

directed by HONG Suk-Jae

Drama | Korea 2015


Ji-Woong and Yong-min are two young men studying to pass the police officer entrance exam who become fascinated by an online conspiracy theory regarding the suicide of an online bullying victim. When they take it upon themselves to uncover the truth by finding the woman at the centre of the conspiracy, Min Ha-young, they instead find her dead body in an apparent suicide. As the conspiracy gets more and more twisted the young men become the targets of the witch-hunt they started and must find the truth to prove their innocence and save their futures.

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DAY 2: WED May 27 | 6:30PM

Korean Classic Presentation

Evergreen Tree (상록수)

141 min

directed by SHIN Sang-ok

Classics, Drama | Korea 1961


Korean language finds itself strangled under Japanese colonial rule during the 1930s. Lack of education and will to progress plagues those living in the more rural areas of the peninsula....

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DAY 3: THUR May 28 | 7:00PM

Korean Diaspora Programme

A Purpleman (퍼플맨)

13 min

directed by RYU Jinho

Animation, Documentary | Korea 2010

One For All, All For One
(60만번의 트라이 / 60万回のトライ)

106 min

directed by PARK Sayu, PARK Donsa

Documentary | Japan, Korea 2014


This warm and exhilarating documentary tells the true story of the Osaka Korean High School rugby team as they head into the season under the slogan of 'One, Trust, Victory'. While embracing in their hearts the hopes of 600,000 Korean residents in Japan, they face a lack of financial support and issues of ethnic/cultural identity, present-day struggles as a result of the past. Despite the odds, can the team come out victorious?

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DAY 4: FRI May 29 | 7:30PM

Feature Presentations

A Midsummer’s Fantasia
(한여름의 판타지아)

96 min

directed by JANG Kunjae

Drama | Japan, Korea 2015


With his assistant director and interpreter, a Korean filmmaker journeys to Gojo, a small rural town in Japan. The film is split into two parts: the first consists of the filmmaker’s encounters with the town’s interesting residents, presented in monochromatic, documentary style. The second, shot in color, draws inspiration from the first. What results is a near déjà vu, as the characters and the setting remanifest into fictional romance between a Korean woman and a Japanese man.

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DAY 5: SAT May 30 | 1:30PM

Korean Diaspora Programme

Birdfather (기러기아빠)

10 min

directed by KIM Yoori

Animation, Short | Korea 2013

Approved for Adoption (피부색깔=꿀색)

75 min

directed by JUNG Henin

Animation, Documentary/Drama | Belgium, Korea 2012


This animated biopic traces the life of its director Jung Henin from his homeless youth on the streets of Seoul to his upbringing as part of a Belgian family. He is one of 200,000 Koreans worldwide who were adopted by non-Korean families following the Korean War. Coming from “here and elsewhere”, Jung decides to make his first-ever trip back to his motherland to find consolation for the confusion in self-identity and belonging.

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DAY 5: SAT May 30 | 4:00PM

Feature Presentations

Han Gong-ju (한공주)

112 min

directed by LEE Sujin

Drama | Korea 2014


Inspired by the true story of the Miryang rape case of 2014, the film follows high school student Han Gong-ju and the terrible aftermath of the incident. Uncared for by her parents and forced to leave school, her previous school teacher arranges for her to hideaway at his mother’s place. Now in a home under the care of someone she barely knows, Gong-ju tries to move forward and settle into her new life. But when a video of her on the internet reveals her whereabouts the trauma and humiliation catches up with her, both internally and in reality.

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Ksana Still Leftover Still In Her Place Still
There will be a post-screening discussion and Q&A session with all three filmmakers
DAY 5: SAT May 30 | 6:45PM

Korean-Canadian Showcase


3 min

directed by Sook JUNG

Short, Animation | Canada 2014


A woman set on taking her own life encounters a lonely ant in her house.


18 min

directed by Daniel YONG

Short, Narrative | Canada 2014

A North Korean refugee family’s new life in Canada remains tainted by memories of their past. While ‘Leftover’ is a narrative fused with documentary, it retains grains of reality as it draws upon true experiences of some of its cast.

In Her Place

115 min

directed by Albert SHIN

Drama | Canada, Korea 2014

A city woman longing for a child of her own travels to a farm in the countryside. There she meets a pregnant teenager and her disapproving widowed mother...

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DAY 6: SUN May 31 | 1:30PM

Korean Shorts Competition Showcase


25 min

directed by NA Young Kil

Drama | Korea 2014

Ordinary Family

24 min

directed by LEE Hyun Ju

Drama | Korea 2014

An Atrocity

10 min

directed by JANG Sun-hee


Understanding Movies

24 min

directed by YIM Ji Eun

Comedy | Korea 2014


The Way Back

11 min

directed by OH Sang A

Animation | Korea 2014



28 min

directed by PARK Geun Buem

Drama | Korea 2014


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DAY 6: SUN May 31 | 4:00PM

Feature Presentations

The Island of Shadows
(그림자들의 섬)

98 min

directed by KIM Jeong Keun

Documentary | Korea 2015


South Korea’s world-class shipuilding industry has always been a buttress to the country’s booming economy. It is thus no surprise that Hanjin Shipyard was once a workplace charged with high energies, honor and community spirit. But today, it is a vessel of desolation and divisions. Labor relations are tense and unstable, some employees have committed suicide, and there is no end in sight for the ongoing strike. Funded by the 2011 ‘Bus of Hope’ project in support of the labor struggle, ‘The Island of Shadows’ explores the 30-year old darkness blanketing the shipyard, bringing to light the real struggles of individual goals and dreams against the power giants of the capitalist world.

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DAY 6: SUN May 31 | 7:00PM

Closing Night Feature Presentations

Revivre (화장)

94 min

directed by IM Kwon Taek

Drama | Korean 2015

Oh Sang-moo, a successful, middle-aged businessman in the industry of cosmetics, finds himself torn between affairs in the office and his duties at home. Being the husband to his terminally ill wife is complicated by a new project at work, and by a growing attraction to Choo Eun-joo, his newest and much younger team member. A homonym of the word ‘make-up’ and ‘cremation’ when translated to Korean (‘Hwajang’), ‘Revivre’ is filmmaker Im Kwon Taek’s 102nd work and is based on the award-winning short story Cremation by Kim Hoon.

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